These are painted in County Louth  on the east coast about 30 miles north of Dublin.

We used to go on holidays there every year as kids staying in the small village of Termonfeckin my mum’s birthplace and for the past 10 to 15 years I’ve been going back over with my paints

to capture certain aspects of it’s unique topography: coastal, river estuary, town, the Big House, thatched cottages, fields etc.

Not Birmingham
Not Birmingham pictures! Ireland, Italy, The Lakes
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1Baltray boat wreck 1£25.00
2Baltray red roof 4£25.00
3Baltray thatched cottage 5£25.00
4Baltray wheatfields 7£25.00
5Baltray 15£25.00
6Baltray the Haven 6£25.00
7Baltray beacon 8£25.00
8Baltray green lane 2£25.00
9Baltray bridge 9£25.00
10Baltray country path 10£25.00
11Baltray the Haven 12£25.00
12Baltray the Haven 13£25.00
13Baltray farm barn 11£25.00
14Beaulieu storm ravaged tree 16£25.00
15Beaulieu House 18£25.00
16Beaulieu bridge 19£25.00
17Beaulieu House 20£25.00
18Beaulieu House and Church£25.00
19Beaulieu walled garden gate£25.00
20Beaulieu white gate£25.00
21Castlecoo Hill 24£25.00
22Clogher thatched cottage 25£25.00
23Clogher thatched cottages 26£25.00
24Clogher painted cottage 27£25.00
25Clogherhead 28£25.00
26Clogherhead rocks 29£25.00
27Clogherhead rocks 30£25.00
28Drogheda Millmount 32£25.00
29Drogheda Quay 33£25.00
30Drogheda Quay 34£25.00
31Drogheda Viaduct 36£25.00
32Drogheda Viaduct 37£25.00
33Drogheda Viaduct 38£25.00
34Ganderstown bales 39£25.00
35Ganderstown bales 41£25.00
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