Here you’ll find pictures about some of Birmingham’s landmark buildings such as Aston Hall and Sarehole Mill. Drawing and painting from architecture has grown on me over time and I’ve enjoyed depicting such a range of styles and periods as well as  introducing a comic element to them. I plan to do another picture about the ‘old’ Central Library only from a different angle and also one about the remaining prefabs in the city.

Historic Brum
Historic Birmingham
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1Toilet humour - Back to Backs£25.00
2Sweet shop - Back to Backs£25.00
3Aston Hall£25.00
4Soho House£25.00
5Sarehole Mill£25.00
6Cadbury's Bournville£25.00
7Custard Factory£25.00
8Central Library 1£25.00
9Kings Heath Library£25.00
10Moseley Road Baths£25.00
11Jewellery Quarter Clock£25.00
12Victoria Law Courts£25.00
13Moseley Dovecote£25.00
14The Hall of Memory£25.00
15Birmingham Gothic£25.00
16Dracula at Trinity Church£25.00
17Highbury Hall£25.00
18Central Library 2£25.00
20Bus nostalgia£25.00
21Old Joe£25.00
22Hot chocolate£25.00
23The Old Crown£25.00
24The Barton Arms£25.00
25Central Library 3£25.00
26Old Hardware Shop Frontage£25.00
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